Do you have or use software on the DCC that would benefit the larger DCC community? We are happy to host you! We will provide the hosting location and storage, give you access to manage the install/files, and post your info to this site. Contact us for information.


RStudio Interactive Servers

Additional RStudio Interactive Servers can be created by forking the base OnDemand RStudio project.


Created by Josh Granek at the Duke Center for Human Systems Immunology to assist with bioinformatics support for the microbiome community at Duke. This app will launch an RStudio server from a Microbiome focused Singularity image on one or more nodes.

OnDemand GitLab Project

  1. RStudio Microbiome Singularity Recipe



Thanks to the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Alphafold 2.2.0 from Deep Mind is installed inside of a singularity container on the DCC.

Sample job submission scripts for Alphafold Monomer and Alphafold Multimer predictions are provided at:


To use Alphafold, first copy the sample submission script to your group directory, then using the comments, edit the submission script.

To connect with the Duke Alphafold2 Community enroll in the community listserve.

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