Users must have an existing account on the DKU Compute Cluster to access DKUCC OnDemand.


Login to DKUCC OnDemand at dkucc-ondemand-01.oit.duke.edu

The DKUCC OnDemand Dashboard will then open. From there, you can use the menus across the top of the page to manage files, get a shell on the DKUCC, submit jobs or open interactive applications.

To end your OnDemand session, click on the Log Out link at the top right of the Dashboard window and close your browser.

Managing your files

To create, edit or move files, click on the Files menu from the Dashboard page. A dropdown menu will appear, listing your home directory and the work directory on the DKUCC. Choosing one of the file spaces opens the File Explorer in a new browser tab. The files in the selected directory are listed.

You can navigate to any directory mounted on the DKUCC by manually entering the full file system path.

Once you are in the correct directory, you can transfer files to and from the DKUCC using the DKUCC OnDemand web interface.

Working with Jobs

You can view current DKUCC jobs, create new job scripts, edit existing scripts, and submit them to the scheduler through the DKUCC OnDemand interface.

To access the job management tools, use the “Jobs” menu. For more information about using the tools, please visit the OSC job management page.

Getting a shell

You can get shell access to the DKUCC by choosing Clusters > DKUCC Shell Access from the top menu in the OnDemand Dashboard.

In the window that will open, you’ll be logged in to one of the DKUCC’s login nodes, exactly as if you were using SSH to connect. Except you don’t need to install any SSH client on your local machine.

Interactive applications

One of the main features of DKUCC OnDemand is the ability to run interactive applications directly from the web interface, without leaving your web browser.

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