Note that DKUCC is a replica of DCC, so DKU can use the training resource from Duke Compute Cluster (DCC)

We recommend that all DKUCC users sign up for and attend a introductory session to the DCC. The session is held on the first Tuesday of every month, register at for an upcoming session. Current pdf version of the slides.

Other Live RC Workshops

Research Computing offers in person and virtual technical training workshops through the Innovation Co-Lab /roots program. Topics vary each semester and range from introductory skills to advanced topics for senior researchers. View the full list of topics and register for a research computing workshop at:

Workshops include: Linux & the BASH shell, Python, R, Singularity

Additionally, Duke users may register for XSEDE Webinars at:

Recommended Online Training for Newer Users

The Duke co-lab /roots program offers:

Software carpentry has a number of online lessons for basic lab skills for research computing at

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